Steve’s Upgraded Stock Rods

Steve's offers a variety of Connecting Rod services to meet the needs of your specific build.

Connecting Rod Sizing

Steve's offers in house Sunnen Power Stroke Honing to properly size the bearing housing of ANY connecting rod, OEM or Aftermarket!


Connecting Rod Re-Bushing

We also have the capacity to re-bush and pin fit most connecting rod wrist pin bushings.



Most connecting rods on the market utilize some type of shot-peening to stress relieve and harden the exterior shell of the connecting rod beam.  We offer an aggressive high velocity shot peen process to further increase the exterior hardness and rigidity of the beam.  This is a wonderful and cost effective upgrade for those seeking to maximize an OEM connecting rod.  This pairs nicely with an ARP rod bolt upgrade, where applicable.


Bolt Upgrades

We regularly install ARP Rod Bolt upgrades to enhance the durability of OEM connecting rods in higher stress situations.  This pairs very nicely with our shot peen upgrade.



An often overlooked aspect of connecting rod rebuilding is balance.  Here are Steve's we break down and correct both rotating and reciprocating mass of the rod set, in proper fashion, to ensure a symmetrical and smooth running engine.  Engine imbalance robs horsepower, and promotes premature wear.


Aftermarket Upgrades

We offer a wide variety of connecting rod brands and styles to meet your performance needs.  At a certain power level, racing connecting rods must be utilized to promote longevity and race event survivability.  Let Steve's help you select the proper connecting rod for your custom application!